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Solar Powered Security Camera Systems

SCPPS™ Solar Security Series for Surveillance and Monitoring

SCPPS™ (Security Camera Autonomous Photovoltaic Power Supply) are complete pre-wired solar security camera systems using solar power. These solar security systems are wireless weatherproof cameras with battery backup using solar power for maintenance-free surveillance. Pole mounted remote outdoor wireless IP surveillance camera applications can include: CCTV, fixed camera, remote security, PTZ, analog, solar panel and video surveillance.

SCPPS solar-powered camera systems are easily stationed with solar panels and all of the main components necessary for your remote outdoor site installation.

We offer discount pricing for Contractors, System Integrators, VAR, OEM, Government and GSA.



SCPPS™ Solar Powered Security Cameras

The SCPPS™ by Solar Electric Supply operates security/surveillance and wireless equipment via solar generated power. SCPPS™ solar security camera solutions have years of success in remote location use. These applications include highways, parking lots, construction sites, oil and pipeline, and much more.

All SCPPS™ Solar Security Series systems are designed for low power cameras and wireless equipment. Our complete systems combine best in quality solar electric modules with mount, element proof system enclosure, sealed gel battery bank, pre-wired control panel, DC to AC sine wave inverter, wiring harness and line diagram.


Why use SCPPS™ for your Security Camera?

SES offers entire solar power supply for your security camera where it's not cost effective to trench and run power/ fiber optic lines. SCPPS™ uses solar generated power to operate cameras and wireless equipment which transmits video to desired locations for monitoring and recording in remote or hard to access areas. Our power supplies offer remote locations an easy and affordable solution for monitoring activity and protecting assets.


Considering optional trenching? Combine city power with a SCPPS™ to get:

  • Improved economics
  • Lower initial costs
  • Design flexibility
  • Redundant power sources
  • Smaller system footprints
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All of our SCPPS™ Solar Security Series systems include:

  • Extended-life, maintenance-free, sealed gel-cell or AGM non-spillable batteries
  • Pre-wired control system with metering and low voltage load protection
  • Thermal sensored charging and metering
  • Available with DC to AC inverters, battery chargers and DC to DC converters
  • Pre-wired power distribution and circuit protection for quick installation
  • Easy installation/operations guide and detailed line diagram with each system
  • We offer a 25-year warranty on most solar modules, and 1 year on the complete solar powered security camera system
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We have the system that’s right for you

We offer a range of certified SCPPS™ systems to match most common applications.

Custom systems are also available. Ask your technical sales representative for details.

Contact our industrial sales group at +1-877-297-0014 to have us help you select the right system to meet your needs.

Featured Services

  • Free Quotations within 24 hours for most systems
  • System Design and Engineering Support
  • Free Load Analysis for System Sizing
  • Design Assistance specific to project location
  • Installation and Project Management available
  • Complete Turnkey Systems with Engineered line diagrams for permitting